Creative Engineers

Temporary Bridges

Often at film and TV locations there is a need to get equipment across a river, or hide the existence of a waterbody altogether. The production needs a tried and tested way of fording the river with heavy machinery, quickly and safely.


Using their experience on film and TV productions, OMEY developed a very simple kit of parts to create a temporary bridge that will cross just about any river.


The kit is delivered to location on a standard 40’ artic truck and lifted into place using standard common or garden teleporter or HIAB crane. No heavy lift.


The bridge strength comes from standard universal steel beams, rated and certified to carry the load. These are braced laterally by special steel fabrications that simply drop down to hold the beams in place. The bridge sits on and is gripped in steel footings that spread the load over the soft ground on each bank. The entire bridge is then clad in timber sleepers, and can be dressed with soil to become totally invisible.


Delivery and assembly can be completed by OMEY in just one day.


Several kits can be combined to span wider rivers or create larger platforms. The standard kit spans 12.5 meter rivers and is 6 meters wide. It is rated to carry 20 tonne vehicle traffic.