Creative Engineers

In-door Tank for The History Channel

History channel needed an in-door water tank to shoot still photography in a perfectly controlled environment. The tank needed to be set up on a studio stage and filled quickly. It needed to be robust enough to hold the water without risk of catastrophic failure in a confined space with crew and equipment.


OMEY were asked to supply a tank in kit form that could be transported to studio, assembled, sealed, filled and struck.  We started by using CAD design tools to produce a modular steel design. Eight identical wall modules were made from with braces rapidly fabricated in parallel.


To avoid any damage to the studio floor, a steel tank base was supplied in parts and assembled before the walls were placed and sealed in. A synthetic membrane was used to ensure the base was waterproof while a rigid silicone cord gasket sealed the panels and floor with a compression joint.


In just one half day at the studio the complete tank was assembled, and handed off with a comprehensive risk assessment, ready to be filled and shot on.  


Michael Duffy, Managing Director, Butter Productions Ltd said: “We were glad to have used OMEY to supply this tank for this project with History Channel. They anticipated our needs and delivered a robust solution, on time, with all the paperwork we needed.”