Creative Engineers



OMEY delivers one-off, high pressure projects with a highly skilled and dedicated team of engineers and technicians. OMEY has produced top quality engineering solutions for clients such as History Channel and MGM.


We are not a physical special effects company. We use engineering tools (CAD, CAM, FEM) and techniques to create engineering solutions that are safe and effective. Examples of our work include...

Wave tank designed, built and filled in four weeks, capable of shooting a full Viking ship, complete with horizon line.

Design of replica WWII Panzer tank for MGM using modern off the shelf parts

Hyrdaulic gimbal designed and built, capable of moving 4ton vessels with realistic sea motion, storms and calm.

Specialist water tanks and subterranean pits, designed and built for History Channel.

TankThumb mail thumb-wwii thumb-gimbal Thumb-specials VikingLogo MGMLogo HistoryChannelLogo SingStreetLogo

Four meter deep steel shoring designed, built, delivered and assembled in 3 weeks.

Hydraulic drawbridge capable of working safely and dramatically.

DrawbridgeThumbFront PitThumbFront BridgeThumbFront

A resuable bridge kit to span any  river location at short notice any carry 20T vehicles.


Hydraulic crane mechanism capable of working a 11mtr high wooden crane to lift Viking ships.


Safe and period rope bridges created in existing wooden towers 40' long, 16' off the ground in 2 weeks.