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Replica WWII Panzer IV tank for MGM

MGM needed three WWII Panzer tanks that would appear authentic, while being safe to use and available to shoot every day. The tanks needed to be easy to transport, and quickly setup to use in a variety of distant locations.


Panzer tanks aren’t available, in possession of collectors or museums. The most emblematic Axis tanks are rare, costing in the order of $1M. They are heavy (c.25 to 40ton), wide (2.6m to 3.2m) and difficult to move (classed as military weapons). Reproductions made on real donor tanks can be dangerous to run (gasoline), difficult to service (spares) and damaging the sensitive locations (cobbled streets).


OMEY were asked by MGM to offer a design solution. We took two weeks to research and model designs before proposing an innovative new machine design.


We designed a replica  ‘Panzer IV Ausf. F2/G’. It is the most emblematic German tank of WWII and it operated in the arena of the project, carrying an impressive 75mm gun. While the bigger Panzer VI Tiger was fearsome, it did not operate without Panzer IV and the Panzer III was less impressive, often out gunned.


We developed a new design from the ground up, using modern engineering and components to achieve a workable machine. The design breaks the machine down into interchangable components so the whole kit can be transported anywhere in the world in a 40' container and reassembled to a working Panzer IV on location in a matter of 4 hours.  


Steve Wakefield VP of Physical Production, MGM said: “Everyone on the project was impressed by OMEY’s solution to our WWII tank needs on this project. Their design was much more feasible than using original machines”