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OMEY film was established in 2009 to provide creative engineering solutions for film and television projects worldwide.


We undertake multidisciplinary engineering projects combining software, mechanical, electronic, and hydrodynamic engineering techniques.


OMEY is setup to deliver one-off, high pressure projects with a highly skilled and dedicated team of engineers and technicians from our engineering facilities in Ireland.


We are unlike physical special effects companies. We always use modelling software (CAD, CAM, FEM) to develop designs and perform calculations that ensure the creative solutions we deliver are designed to be safe and efficient.


OMEY has produced top quality engineering solutions for clients such as the Vikings, History Channel and MGM.



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Our staff have a wealth of experience working for the film industry.  We use that experience to make your project run smoothly, effectively and quickly.


We’re not just your average engineering consultancy. We specialise in work for TV & Film.


We pride ourselves on our ability to delivery, always. We now know what it takes to make sure it works on the day.